SMAA HR Professionals Survey Results

In 2016, as part of a series of focus groups held by Southern Maine Agency on Aging, HR Professionals were surveyed regarding their company's experiences with aging in the workplace. Below are excerpts from the survey results.

Question 1: Has your organization's productivity been negatively impacted by team members' elder caregiving responsibilities?

pie chart illustrating 73% of organizations reporting negative impact due to caregiving responsibilities

Answer 1: 73% reported yes, 20% reported no, 7% did not respond.

Question 2: If yes, in what ways?

bar chart displaying most common negative impacts of caregiving responsibilities

Answer 2: The most common negative impacts of a team members' elder caregiving responsibilities include:

  • Shorter or less work days (82%)

  • Absenteeism (71%)

  • Distraction, loss of focus (71%)

  • Turnover or leave of absence (62%)

  • Higher healthcare costs due to stress (19%)

  • Inability to accept certain work responsibilities including promotion (10%)

Question 3: Do you believe more can be done in your organization to support employees who provide elder care?

pie chart illustrating that 86% believe more can be done to support employees who provide eldercare

Answer 3: 86% reported yes, 7% reported no, and 7% did not respond.

Question 4: Are you aware that studies show that every dollar spent on supporting employees with elder caregiving needs provides a return on investment in productivity and/or reduced healthcare expenses for the employer?

pie chart illustrating 44% of responders knowing about supporting employee ROI

Answer 4: 44% responded yes, 50% responded no, 6% did not respond.

Question 5: Do you believe your employees would benefit from some or all of the following services?

bar chart showing the most commonly selected benefits for employees

Answer 5: The most common benefits selected included:

  • Unbiased Medicare education (86%)

  • Advance care planning seminars (86%)

  • On-site wellness (Agewell) programs (65%)

  • Prescription drug savings seminars (65%)

  • Nutritious home-delivered meals (47%)

  • On-site resource coordinator (47%)