SMAA Healthcare Professionals Survey Results

In 2016, as part of a series of focus groups held by Southern Maine Agency on Aging, Healthcare Professionals were surveyed regarding their professional experiences with aging in the healthcare environment. Below are excepts from the survey results.

Question 1: Are you aware that the U.S. population age 75 and older increased by 10% between 2010-2014 while funding for all programs under the Older Americans Act supporting this population decreased by 17% for the same period?

pie chart illustrating 50% reporting yes to understanding funding decrease and 50% reporting know

Answer 1: 50% reported yes, 50% reported no.

Question 2: To what extent do you believe community based programs play a role in improving health outcomes of the population?

pie chart illustrating that 95% surveyed believed that community based programs play a significant role in improving health outcomes of the population

Answer 2: 95% reported significant, 5% reported somewhat

Question 3: What types of community programs do you believe have the ability to contribute most favorably to improving health outcomes?

bar char illustrating which community programs were chosen

Answer 3: The most common programs selected included:

  • Social Assessment (100%)

  • Nurse Visitation/Assessment (94%)

  • Transportation (94%)

  • Special Diet Home-Delivered Meals (89%)

  • Pharmaceutical Review (78%)

  • Case Management (78%)

  • Chronic Disease/Pain Management (78%)

  • Advance Directive (72%)

  • General Nutrition (61%)

  • Medicare/Insurance Counseling (56%)

Question 4: What type of metrics does your organization care most about improving?

bar chart illustrating metrics for improvement

Answer 4: The most common metrics selected included:

  • Reduction in 30-Day Readmission Rate (83%)

  • Reduction in Emergency Department Visits (78%)

  • Compliance with Prescription Drug Regime (67%)

  • Adherence in Disease State Management (61%)

  • Reduction in LOS (44%)

  • Patient/Member Satisfaction (44%)

  • Utilization (39%)

  • Member Retention (28%)

  • Other (6%)