SMAA CBO for Healthcare

Kathy Greenlee, past ACL Administrator/Assistant Secretary for Aging was quoted as saying "What's needed in every part of the country is a true community-based organization network."

Whether your interest is in reducing the cost of care through reductions in readmissions, length of stay or emergency department visits or increasing patient wellness, satisfaction and member retention, SMAA can be an integral partner to achieving these goals. Across our various programs we reach 25,000 residents of York and Cumberland counties on an annual basis and have the ability to work closely with any healthcare partner on targeting the social determinants of health in an effort to achieve the Triple Aim.

Some Interesting Facts

According to a recent report from the National Academy of Social Insurance:

  • "Adults 65 and older will comprise one in five Americans in just 15 years. As they continue to age, the number of old-old Americans (those over the age of 85) will triple by 2050, ushering in a "longevity boom" that will be continued by younger generations." (p2)

  • "These sweeping demographic trends are already driving efforts to re-engineer delivery of medical care and to expand availability of home and community-based services." (p2)

  • 'The Aging Network authorized by the Older Americans Act is gradually becoming recognized as an essential component of health care service delivery.' (p2)read the full report online.

SMAA Responds by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

According to the Kaiser Foundation, research demonstrates that improving population health and achieving health equity will require broader approaches that address social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health. With many past and current collaborations within healthcare, SMAA brings innovation and strong community relationships to the table to deliver results for our contracting partners in achieving the Triple Aim. In fact, in August 2016 SMAA was the winner of the John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award in recognition of its successful collaboration with a healthcare system.

All of SMAA's solutions focus on the Social Determinants of Health. SMAA is fully HIPAA compliant allowing for the routine exchange of data between practice/provider/insurer and SMAA. Additionally we have collaborative relationships with our four partner Area Agencies on Aging enabling broad coverage within the state of Maine.

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