On-Site Community Resource Specialist

Are the citizens in your community wondering who to talk to if they have a question about aging, caregiving, or living with a disability? Are your first responders on the front line for everyday needs?

SMAA offers a solution with an On-Site Resource Specialist. The On-Site Resource Specialist will work with older adult residents of the municipality to share individualized information and provide support and referrals.  The Specialist focuses on aligning community resources with the needs of residents by providing information and resources around caregiving, food and financial security, Medicare, health insurance and prescription coverage. Additionally, the Resource Specialist works with staff at SMAA to schedule evidence-based wellness programs to be held within the community. 

The Resource Specialist may assist with advancing “aging in place” initiatives including coordination with community volunteers to implement AIP Programs. Such programs and resources can have a very meaningful economic and social impact on the community as discussed in the Age Friendly Value Proposition Summit Report. SMAA has extensive experience working closely with a community on the creation and execution of their AIP Program as detailed in the Cumberland Case Study. Some of the outcomes of our work together include:

  • 25% reduction in first responder calls

  • Dramatic increase in volunteerism and community participation within this age group

On-site Community Resource Specialists may be full or part-time and can be shared among other interested residential complexes or municipalities.  SMAA will work closely with your team to build an on-site program that aligns with your community’s needs.